Top 5 places to get a chocolate treat in Birmingham

As a city known for the birthplace of Cadbury’s, we know a thing or two about good chocolate. This Saturday (7th July) marks World Chocolate Day and if there’s ever a day you have to break that summer holiday diet for, then today’s the day!

Whether you’re a white, milk or dark chocolate person, there’s plenty of selection available in our stores and even some quirky options such as Bellini Cocktail.

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe

You are a kid in a candy store at Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, despite what age you are. They are well known for their huge selection of traditional and contemporary sweets including all your old favourites such as Cherry Lips, Pear Drops and Cough Sweets.

They not only have sweets but they also have their own exclusive range of Mr Simms Handmade Chocolate which offers unusual chocolate flavours that are little bit different to your usual high-street offerings. So if you fancy expanding your chocolate horizons, this is the place to go!


A firm favourite amongst the high street for chocolate, Thorntons is the perfect place to pick up a sweet treat. From their popular continental box to limited edition seasonal chocolates, there’s a box or bag that caters for everyone’s sweet tooth.

Chouchoute Chocolaterie

Home to the Great Western Arcade, Chouchoute Chocolaterie has brought its luxury chocolate tasting experience to Birmingham since 2002.

Chouchoute pronounced as ‘shoo-shoot’, French for to pamper, to treat, to indulge and you will certainly feel all of those with their luxury handmade chocolates. Made from just pure chocolate, cane sugar and cocoa butter, there’s nothing to distract you from its rich, divine flavour.

In store, you can expect traditional chocolates such as vanilla and orange as well as chocolates for the adventurous including rose and lavender.

Hotel Chocolat

If you’re looking for award-winning chocolate, Hotel Chocolat has just that. They offer the ultimate luxury chocolate shopping experience, from cocoa infused gin and chocolate spreads to luxury hampers and gift boxes.

They have also introduced their award-winning ice cream and iced coffees in their Cocoa Cafe which are perfect for the hot weather and getting that hint of chocolate goodness.


In Selfridges iconic Food Hall, you can experience a library with a chocolate twist. They invite you to taste a tale of true connoisseurship with a range of exclusive UK bars to cult chocolate brands such as Godiva, Lindt, Charbonnel et Walker, Butlers and many more. You’ll be spoilt for choice here!


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