Top 10 wedding gifts from independents

Wedding season is on the doorstep! You’ve got your outfit sorted but now it’s the question of what to get the newly married couple?

Don’t worry, we have complied some ideas of the perfect wedding gifts from our very own independent stores to tie in with our new ‘Found’ guide.



This rustic vintage slogan frame would be a great addition to any household.


Up your card game with this amazing pop-up church card that will certainly impress the married couple.


This gift would be lovely to give before the wedding day so the bride can have a scent that she associates with her big day. The candles come in small, medium and large.


This is another gift that we would recommend giving before the big day. It is a must-have for any bride-to-be!


A timeless piece of jewellery that any bride would love. You could always get cuff-links for the groom to go alongside the bracelet!


Unit 7


This cute little box is great for the married couple to put all their keepsakes from the wedding in.


This photo album is simple and sturdy, perfect for those special wedding day photographs.


 A sweet reminder of the wedding vows that the couple took – great to hang up in their bedroom.



If you’re looking for a quirky gift then these hanging animal heads are a very unique way to display flowers in the home.

IMG_0251 (1)

Beautiful tea-light holder that just screams romance.

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