Tips to achieving your fitness goals from a personal trainer

You’ve set your fitness goals and now it’s time to achieve them!

Avoid becoming one of those gym goers that drop out after January by following these simple tips from Personal Trainer Adrian at The Gym High Street.

Get motivated

You’ve got your goals but what is the power reason behind working out? Adrian mentions it is important to find this out. Is it so your clothes fit better, or to be able to run a marathon without dying? “When there is an emotional reason behind what you are doing, this will help to push yourself.”

Another factor to getting motivated is finding your passion. “It is the passion that will get you motivated.” said Adrian. This could be finding out something you’re good at, for example running long distance. This is a good place to start and your confidence will soon build from there.

Be honest

The key to succeeding in your goals starts with “being honest with yourself”. Adrian states that you’re the only one in control of your success so as soon as the training starts to get more intense, you need to be prepared to set up.

It is important not to “cheat the workout and the diet” said Adrian. There is no point putting in all the work at the gym if you’re not going to match that with your nutrition. It will only unravel all the hard work you’ve done so far. “Eat properly today, tomorrow and the rest of the weekend”.

Make time

To achieve your goals, you need to invest some time in achieving them. You need to know how many times a week you can train, especially if you’re training for an event. “Each month of training is going to get more intense physically and mentally.” said Adrian.

Adrian explains you don’t have to go to the gym all the time to start getting fit. “You’re home in the morning and evening so you can make your own workouts to suit you, this could be using your stairs or taking two packs of sugar and using them as weights.

“During your lunch at work, instead of sitting down and eating your lunch, you can take it outside and walk. It’s all about being smart with your time.”

Think about yourself

“Getting fit should be for yourself and not anyone else or meeting the expectations of others.” said Adrian.

If you don’t enjoy working out, you won’t want to do it as Adrian points out. He suggests to combat this feeling, you should think about machines and exercises that you enjoy doing and keep doing them. “Your achievement to success will start from there”.

If you’re thinking about training with a Personal Trainer, it is vital that you find one that you can trust to help you achieve your goals. The Gym have 15 Personal Trainers to choose from and you can have free 3 half an hour PT sessions when you first join, perfect for trialling out who you prefer. When you have a PT, “you work together as a team. You win, they win. You fail, they fail.” says Adrian.

A Personal Trainer will be able to help you track your progress and exercise adherence to see how well you are doing with your workout plan and whether it needs altering.

For limited time only, The Gym are offering membership for just £11.99 a month with no joining fee! You can sign up by visiting them at 79-84 High Street, via their website or giving them a call on 0330 056 3911.

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