Sushi Passion launches at Great Western Arcade

Sushi Passion has launched a new restaurant at Great Western Arcade. The traditional Japanese restaurant seats 35 covers, with a mix of conventional tables, authentic low tables with Tatami and counter seating, where customers can observe the work of the chefs and orders are served by sushi train.

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Opening alongside the existing Sushi Passion bar in Bullring Indoor Market, which seats just 6 covers, the new restaurant has a completely different atmosphere thanks to the interior design and decoration. With various artifacts imported directly from Japan, the Sushi Passion restaurant in Great Western Arcade offers a taste of Japanese culture, as well as great food.

Serving an eclectic mix of traditional Japanese sushi, modern sushi, seafood, salads and sweet sushi, which has been developed over the years by founder of Sushi Passion, Adam Gllama. The menu will not disappoint, whether you’re already a sushi fan or you’re yet to be converted by Adam.





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