Super-cool ice cream from Nitrogenie arrives at Selfridges Birmingham

A new concept in ice cream – made using liquid nitrogen – launches in Selfridges Birmingham.

Nitrogenie which will be available exclusively in Birmingham in the premium Bullring department store, takes the freshest milk and cream and freezes it with selected ingredients such as fruit, chocolate, biscuit and nuts using liquid nitrogen in special mixers to create the creamiest, smoothest ice cream around.

Scott Thomson, Head of Operations of Nitrogenie, said the speed of the freezing process means that the texture of each ice cream is super smooth because ice crystals don’t have time to form the way they do in normal ice cream.

It also means the flavours of each ice cream are perfectly infused and it can be made to order without the need for artificial preservatives, anti-melting agents or stabilisers.

“We’re very excited to open our first Birmingham outlet in Selfridges,” he said.

“Each ice cream is hand-made from scratch for the individual customer. It’s not only deliciously creamy, it’s also great to watch it being created, thanks to the plumes of vapour and the skill of the Nitrogenies who all add to the fun and excitement.

“We’ll be launching some flavours that are exclusive to Selfridges, too, so we’re looking forward to introducing them to our new customers.”

Nitrogenie began life in Australia and has gone global, openings in Europe, Hawaii, Asia and the Middle East. It prides itself on its weekly changing menus and fantastic combinations of ingredients, such as natural salted caramel, honeycomb, and even lemon meringue pie.

Sam Watts, general manager of Selfridges Birmingham, said: “Nitrogenie is another example of the kind of innovative and exciting food and beverage brands we love in Selfridges, so we expect the coolest ice cream in Birmingham to be the hottest must-have this summer and beyond.”

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