Shower your body with lemon and sugar this Pancake Day!

With Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, many of us will be coating our pancakes with lemon and sugar, the perfect combination. Lemon and sugar also make great ingredients to coat your body with…lemon is astringent, cleansing, toning and refreshing while sugar is a fantastic natural exfoliator.

Lemony Flutter cuticle butter (£9.00 each)

Perfect for softening our hardest bits: knees, elbows, heels, brittle nails and cuticles finally get the attention they deserve.  A little goes a long way, and within just a few applications, those neglected areas will be rejuvenated and smelling delicious, just like lemon curd.

Montalbano shampoo bar (£8.00 each)

Solve the case with this citrusy shampoo bar that promises serious shine. Green olives improve the tensile strength of hair whilst cleansing rosemary absolute, Sicilian lemon oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice make hair gleam from root to tip.

Bohemian soap (£5.50 120g)

To days of inspiration and making something out of nothing. For early mornings, late nights, business buffs and arty types, this simple lemon soap will help you start (or end) your day with a fresh citrus burst. Lemon oil is great for brightening skin and its zesty scent helps you feel free spirited and carefree. La vie Bohème!


Honey lip scrub (£6.50 each)

Stay honey-mouthed and sweet-lipped wherever you go. Rub this sugary scrub over your lips and let spoonfuls of honey smooth your smackers. The menthol of peppermint oil cools and freshens, while sweet wild orange oil gives you a buzz. Get your honey for nothing, get your lips for free.

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