Rose’s Product of the Week – RMK Cleansing Balm


RMK Cleansing Balm

For the past 2 years or so, I’ve been on a cleansing journey. For years I relied on a simple baby wipe to remove my make-up before bed, and unsurprisingly had a face filled with little pimples, redness and dryness. After interning with some of beauty’s most intelligent women, I was enlightened as to the importance of a cleanse (or a double cleanse, which is when you cleanse twice) and soon found my skin to be glowing and radiant. Now, my skin is without a doubt the part of my beauty regime that people are the most interested in.

So what am I looking for in a cleanser? Personally, I work long hours, wear way too much make-up and have sore feet at the end of the day; I don’t have the patience to faff about with a million and one products when I get in. What I love is a cleanser that is gentle enough to remove all of my make-up in one fell swoop, and leave my skin feeling soft and clean in addition. In Selfridges terms? This equates to the RMK Cleansing Balm, £29.

If you’ve visited the Selfridges Beauty Hall recently, you may well have seen me demonstrating the Cleansing Balm to an unsuspecting guest. I am obsessed with it. Smothered onto a dry, fully made-up face, this melts away every last scrap of make-up, buffs the skin to a soft, polished finish and gets the job done in 60 seconds flat. Enriched with Jojoba, Avocado and Grapeseed Oils, this is super nourishing and hydrating but is just the thing to pull any excess oil from the skin also. If you’re oily, these oils are going to act like a magnet and help you to balance your skin. If you’re dry like me, this is going to nourish and quench your skin. It’s a win win. What finishes off the ritual is the soft, calming scent of rose that infuses the formula. It’s just the thing to encourage a tranquil bedtime routine.

Intrigued? You must come and try it. Come along to RMK and quote ‘Shopping in Birmingham’. Once you’ve asked Sobia, Shanara or Amy to show you the balm, you can either take a deluxe sample of their Cream Foundation * or book in for a complimentary make-up appointment. And as for the Cleansing Balm? Take it home. You can thank me later.

RMK is available exclusively in Selfridges. Call 0121 600 6818 for more information.

*Offer available until Sunday 6 July 2014 while stocks last.


By Rose Gallagher, Personal Beauty Shopper at Selfridges, Birmingham. Call 07894 807 878 or e-mail to book. You can find Rose on Instagram @SelfBirminghamBeauty.

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