REVIEW: Fresh, quick and tasty lunch at Wok to Walk

Birmingham is becoming quite the foodie haven, with restaurants opening up left, right and centre.

One of the latest additions to the city centre is Asian street-food chain, Wok to Walk on 109 New Street.

With 100+ restaurants around the world, Wok to Walk is all about offering “delicious custom recipes and a great show” which is exactly what to expect in the Birmingham branch.

Bursting with fun and flames, Wok to Walk fires up delicious Asian street food right in front of your eyes in their open kitchen.

Customers can come in and create their own perfect wok box by following their three-step menu, starting off with a base of noodles, rice or vegetables before adding a range of healthy, fresh toppings from peppers and tomatoes, to pak choi and tofu before finally topping it off with a sauce of your choice.

There are countless number of menu combinations you could have which adds more reason to come back again and again.

We took a visit at lunch time to try them out. In our wok box, we had chosen fried jasmine rice, chicken, broccoli, peppers and red onions with the bangkok sauce (yellow curry & coconut). They recommend you choose a minimum of four toppings to get the most out of your wok box. This came to around £10. This price will alter depending on what toppings you choose.

The food was picked out from containers, similar to Subway and stored in a wok box waiting for the chef to cook them altogether in a large wok. It took about a minute to cook which is perfect for those who don’t have long on their lunch breaks, which explains why it was so popular with the working professionals during the lunch rush hour.

The wok box itself was so full of flavour and very filling. It will certainly satisfy that hunger craving.

So if you’re after fresh, quick and tasty lunch, this is the place to go!

Take a look at their full menu here

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