Pineapple Club collabs with Brum businesses for perfect Valentine’s Day gifts

Great Western Arcade cocktail bar and beer boutique The Pineapple Club is continuing its string of collaborations and now have Valentine’s day wrapped up.

This falls back to back with the successful Veganuary collab with much loved plant-based restaurant, LAND.

You will be able to purchase gift boxes filled with the important three Cs for your love interest – Cocktails, Cosmetics and Candy from The Pineapple Club, LUSH Birmingham and Mr Simm’s Olde Sweet Shoppe.

The trio are set to launch inclusive gift sets this Valentine’s Day, steering away from the typical ‘His & Hers’ options.

General Manager of The Pineapple Club, Niamh Neary, said: “It was important for us to create inclusive boxes, which weren’t gender specific. There are often gifts like this created with gender norms in mind, especially when it comes to cocktails, cosmetics and sweet treats. This is such an old fashioned way to look at Valentine’s gifts and certainly not something we wanted to fall into.”

These Valentine’s boxes are available to purchase until February 9th with deliveries arriving on February 12th and will be limited edition, with only 35 of each box.


“Love yourself” £15.50

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

Love hearts Cocktail

Vegan Pick & Mix


“Oh Honey” £25

Soft Coeur Massage Bar

Honey Davenport Cocktail

Brown Cacao Stunning Cocktail

Chocolate heart truffles


“Better than a bouquet” £39

Rose Argan Massage Bar

Love Boat Bath Bomb

Pornstar Spritz Cocktail

Goodnight Ginza Cocktail

Bros Before Rose Cocktail


Available to purchase over at


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