New Year Hair Tips from Nicky Clarke Salons

The New Year is almost here but the changing seasons can take their toll on your hair.  Nicky Clarke Salon at The Mailbox is here to help with a list of top tips to make sure that you hair looks amazing all the way through 2013!

  • Hair up is a great change and is kinder to hair in the freezing elements that winter brings from winds and rain that come hand to hand with the seasonal change.
  • Wearing a hat to keep out the elements is also a great idea. To stop – helmet head or hat hair, tie your hair in a top not and place the cap over that. When you shake down your hair after the journey, you will have bouncy high hair.
  • Give your hair a break from a colour session. Instead ask for a sheer glaze colour gloss. A vegetable colour that will enhance shine while giving your tresses a break from bleaching.
  • Book in for a really good cut. This does not necessarily have to be a re-style. A good base with healthy hair will be a great start for the winter to spring months and make it much easier to manage and style.
  • Buy a really, really good hair mask that you will use religiously each week throughout the winter months. This will help to put moisture that is lost through the week back into the hair and keep it regularly looking its best.
  • Try not to let your hair dry naturally every day. Although it is a preconceived idea that it is the best way to look after your hair, it is not as the cuticles are up and this makes the hair dry out more easily and keeps the follicle open to the elements and pollution.
  • The best drying technique: When wet, add a pea size amount of Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer to the mid-levels and ends of your hair, this will seal in moisture and help to smooth the cuticles down. Comb through gently. Then rough dry your hair to 80%. Using a heat protection spray such as Nicky Clarke Hair Raising, spray liberally. The most important part of this is the following. When blow-drying your hair use a large round bristle brush. Use a medium setting and keep the dryer 5 to 10cm away from the head. Aim the nozzle of the drier down the shaft as this will help to keep the cuticles down. Leave your hair to set and cool before moving or running your fingers through. The hair will bend and ruin your style if you play with it while it is still warm.
  • Sea kelp tablets are great for keeping hair and nails in good shape and for hair growth.
  • In salon treatments- For an intensive moisture treatment, book in for a protein treatment which is set under heat. Prices start from £22.50.
  • Home treatments. Try putting Nicky Clarke Argan Oil on overnight, or chose a day where you are staying in. position your hair on top of your head as the head from your scalp will make the treatment super effective and pop on a shower cap to keep in the heat.

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