Meet Phil Hazel – Owner of Liquor Store

Phil Hazel opened Liquor Store in February 2012, but the idea for the store and concept behind it had been a long time in the making.

Phil got into retail over 12 years ago while working for denim brands including Hilfiger, Diesel and Wrangler. This gave him an insight into the industry, which eventually led to him opening his own store.

“Denim was a category that I loved and is a big part of Liquor Store. In particular I love heritage denim brands”

With bags of experience and a love of denim and heritage brands, Phil embarked on opening Liquor Store to fill the gap that the demise of old jean stores had left in the regional denim market. With an eclectic mix of brands and a focus on quality and exclusivity, the store offers shoppers a contrast to high street fashion and even an alteration service to get the perfect fit. Phil is passionate about the products he sells and his extensive knowledge of both the market and products is something that customers really value.

“Old jean stores had gone and I felt no one was offering depth of fit and wash choice in strong heritage denim brands anymore.”

Liquor Store marked its first birthday in March with a party that saw over 100 customers flock to the store to celebrate. In a short time Phil has built a strong and loyal customer base and knows a lot of his regulars on a first name basis. As an independent retailer, Phil considers the location of his store to be incredibly important but recognises the importance of also being a destination store. The mix and offer within Great Western Arcade is right for his customers and he often works with other independents within the arcade to compliment his offer, as many share the same customer base.

“I try and buy brands that have been making a certain product for a long time and have become known for making that item – for example Levi’s for denim and Dockers original chinos.”

Find Liquor Store at Great Western Arcade – B2 5HU


T: @liquorstore_est

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