Meet Ming Nham – Owner of a too

Since 1998, a too, a sister store to autograph on Ethel Street, has established itself as a go-to destination for streetwear, luxury denim and hard to find labels from around the world. Stock is carefully selected to form the wide collection of both smart and casual outwear, as well as footwear and accessories for the fashion savvy gent.

Ming set up a too 15 years – he explains: “It was a classic case of  there was lots of stuff I couldn’t get at the time that I wanted, so the shop was set up to sell things I love personally.”

When the store first launched it stocked a lot of tees and denims based looks but now that Ming is a bit older the store has evolved into something more grown up, with more shirts, trousers and casual blazers that remain lighthearted but smarter.

Ming believes that being independent gives you the freedom to grow at your own pace. When asked to describe his business in 3 words he said, “….Just the beginning.”

“Birmingham is not that big, we all pretty much know each other and get on very well, people have come to us for advice on setting up on their own and stuff because we have been here for so long.”

With a well-established online store, a too’s customer base is quite vast with lot of customers in Japan, Hong Kong, America, Australia and the rest of the world. Customers range from those that save up to make a big purchase per season to those that drop by every week to pick up something new as an when they feel like.

“It doesn’t matter to us what each customer spends, we like to interact with all of our customers, either via Twitter, FaceBook or Instagram, but best of all we still like to see our customers in the store for a good old fashion catch up.”

This summer shoppers at a too will see a few more Japanese brands to complement the existing mix. Look out for Cash-Ca, Nanamica and Barena from Italy.

Find a too on Ethel Street – B2 4BG


T: @atoobirmingham


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