Chloe Jade Green’s Collection hits Selfridges

Selfridges Birmingham welcomes Chloe Jade Green’s highly-anticipated collection of ladies shoes.

Glamorous and intricately detailed, the fabulous collection has arrived at Selfridges Birmingham and introduces exclusive designs only available to Selfridges’ customers.

The statement collection includes skyscraper heels, leather winter boots and chic ballerina pumps which can all be taken from day to night.

Lily Wing £130

Reflecting her feminine rocker style, Chloe uses black and neutral tones injected with spikes, studs and even chains for an edgy feminine look – with each shoe featuring the signature ‘green charms sole’.

Serpent Bite £75

An edgy addition to Selfridges Birmingham, Chloe Jade Green ensures customers put the perfect finish onto any seasonal party outfit.


Midnight Frost £185


Midnight Glitter £130

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