Inspiring young entrepreneur brings Ethical Beauty to the High Street

PHB ETHICAL BEAUTY, a pioneering beauty brand founded by 24 year old entrepreneur Rose Brown, is bringing ethical beauty to the British High Street following the launch of its range with Natural Health retailer Holland & Barrett in addition to existing store in Birmingham’s Pavilions Shopping Centre.

PHB is on a mission to change the way people see their beauty products. The PHB range is the largest collection of Natural, Vegan and Halal Certified beauty products available worldwide. Products are Handmade in the UK and the company are strongly against animal testing.

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Rose, who is the daughter of UB40 drummer and songwriter James Brown, founded PHB Ethical Beauty to provide a natural and ethical alternative to mainstream beauty products.

“I received the keys to our 1st store on my 20th Birthday a little over 4 years ago. I wouldn’t have believed if someone told me that in just 4 years we would become the world’s youngest franchisors, opened 7 stores in 5 countries and launched with a nationwide retailer. We are on an ethical beauty revolution!”

PHB products are now sold in over 15 countries worldwide and their Franchise business has seen the opening of stores across South East Asia. Now, with the launch of a capsule collection with Holland & Barrett, PHB are determined to stake their claim on the British High Street.

Rose, who is a vegan, says “I feel that the products you choose to use on your body should be made in balance with what you believe. To me this means products should be made in an entirely natural and ethical way with full considerations for our health and wellbeing, the environment and to other species.” Says Rose.

“So, along with my partner and his mom we began to develop a range of beauty products inspired by nature and created by hand using cutting edge natural formulas and ethically sourced ingredients.”

Rose puts the success of their range down to their unique eco-credentials. “Our stringent certifications, affordable pricing and focus on providing natural & organic yet highly effective beauty products has meant that our range is proving very popular, particularly as people are becoming more discerning about what they use on their skin.” PHB products are free from harsh chemicals, such as Parabens and SLS, which often cause sensitivity and irritation in many women and men.

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