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Relatively new to the coffee scene in Birmingham after being open only 5 months, 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge is not just your ordinary coffee shop.

They are the only coffee shop in Birmingham to offer all vegan friendly food in store apart from one sandwich and ice cream. Ranging from cakes to hotdogs (yes, they sell hotdogs), everything is made free of dairy, eggs and meat.


Owned by three laid-back guys, Satnam, Ramandeep and Phil, all have come from different backgrounds. “We’re not from a coffee background” Satnan stated. “I just graduated from theatre last year and Ramandeep, who’s my brother has managed properties for the last 12 years and Phil has managed pubs and bars so he’s got a lot of experience in that area.”

However, they were all brought together with the same love for coffee shops. “We all had different reasons for opening up a coffee shop, for me, I love coffee shops, I love the vibe of them. At university, I would spend most my time at a coffee shop and all my friends would be there. We wanted to create that vibe that we enjoy from coffee shops.”

“We are all really laid back people so we wanted to create a chilled out place. Make it where everyone can come in and sit down.” said Satnan.

Being a vegan friendly coffee shop came about as a gap in the market for two of the owners. Satnam and Ramandeep are both lacto-ovo vegetarian so when they went out to coffee shops, the food options available for them were very limited.

Satnam said “So we thought, let’s make something for us, especially for the Asian community, we wanted to offer plenty of vegan options. There’s a market for it because we needed it so if we needed it, who else does?”

The café serves fresh sandwiches, wraps, paninis, salads, soups and nachos. The newest addition to their menu is their Belgium waffles which are home-made in store with various toppings available.


Eager to grow as a business, they are opening up a new store in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter at the beginning of October.

“We really are being ambitious but we have just got to do it.” Satnam said.

Find them on:

17 Martineau Place, B2 4UW

Instagram: @3threescoffee



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