How to achieve the perfect shave with Shepherds barbers

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To help you stay looking sharp while growing out your moustache, our master barber, David Sturgeon from Shepherds has complied his top five tips for achieving the perfect shave this season.

Step one

First step is all about cleansing and exfoliating. Thorough preparation is crucial to how your skin will respond to your blade. Before shaving you should wash your face using a facial cleanser to clean pores of excess oils and dirt. We also recommend you exfoliate one to two times a week with a facial scrub, using a gentle circle motion to remove all the dead skin.

Step two

After gently drying your face, we suggest using the Shepherds Cucumber Pre-Shave Oil to help soften the beard and nourish the skin. Follow this step by soaking a flannel in hot water and apply this to your face for a few moments to warm the skin and soften your facial hair.

Step three

Next, submerge the Shepherds Badger Brush in warm water to soak the hair. Let the excess water drip out before proceeding to use. Take a fingertip amount of Shepherds Coconut Shave Cream and using your brush, begin to create a lather in our Shepherds Shaving Bowl.

Water helps to soften the beard and our brush will also mildly exfoliate the skin while you work the lather into your face using a firm circular motion to lift the hair ready to be shaved.

Step four

Hold your razor at a 30 degree angle to the skin, allowing the blade to smoothly sweep across the face. Always shave in the direction that the hair is pointing. Shave from the side burn down and follow your hairline if it’s straight. If your neck hair grows up, down or sideways, you should always shave in the direction of growth as much as possible. With your razor in one hand, use your free hand to pull your skin taut to firmly open your pores and help stand the hairs up to be cut.

Step five

After shaving, cool your skin down with a cold flannel for a few moments and rinse away any soap residue. Apply a liberal amount of the Shepherds Hemp Post-Shave Balm to soothe your face and help close your pores.

Shepherds are a certified Movember barbers and throughout the month of November, they are offering half price on all Quick Beard and Moustache Trims. If you donate to Movember in store, you will also receive a free mini Beard Moisturiser or Mo Wax to take away.

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