Grow for it! Selfridges Birmingham launches Garden Centre

It’s time for some horti-couture! The Garden Centre and green house has arrived at Selfridges Birmingham, along a new look for their bull.

As part of Project Earth, the area created with horticulturist Angela Maynard, the collections and plants are all inspired by the great outdoors to grow your relationship with nature.

Naturally, no garden centre would be complete without plenty of greenery and the gear you need to tend to it.

Selfridges have curated the ultimate pots, pruning shears and pottering-around aprons to help tend to the plants. Gary the Garden Gnome is on hand to welcome green-fingered visitors to the new concept.

As for this season’s hottest accessory? It has to be the exclusive Selfridges Compost Bag, complete with brand logo and perfect-for-plants lining.

“We have curated everything you need to get started with growing. Create your own sanctuary – be it in a garden or on a bright shelf, window ledge or balcony. Grow from seed or nurture and watch an established plant mature with your TLC and newly found green fingers,” said Angela Maynard.

It’s time to get growing!

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