skinlab-banner11-580x300Have you ever wondered what really lies beneath your skin’s surface? The more you know about your skin, the more knowledge you can gain to achieve the perfect skin care routine for a stunning and flawless complexion.

If you want to smarten up your skin care for summer, Elemis at Debenhams, Bullring is the perfect place to start.

We spoke to experienced therapist Laura Holmes, who has worked for Elemis at Debenhams for over 7 years. She believes that the key to the perfect skincare regime is hydration and using the right products for your skin type and concerns. Laura said, “It’s really important to understand our clients’ current skincare routine and what is lying beneath the skin’s surface before we can give a full recommendation of the products that will achieve results for them.

“Many customers come to us looking for treatments and products to improve their skin tone and texture. They are often using the wrong products for their skin, such as chemical laden face wipes, that are not fully cleaning the skin or exfoliating to achieve a clearer and more even complexion. The Elemis SkinLab is the perfect tool to start each client consultation, offering us a full insight into the current condition of the skin and any concerns such as dark spots, wrinkles and dehydration. We keep a record of all of our clients’ SkinLab results, allowing us to review how the recommended products are working for them and to track results.”


Elemis SkinLab

The experienced therapists at Elemis Debenhams offer every consumer a complimentary Elemis SkinLab consultation to identify the needs of your skin and any concerns. The unique SkinLab service combines state-of-the-art technology in facial mapping analysis and a lifestyle consultation to offer the client skincare solutions in only 15 minutes. The imaging highlights evidence of invisible sun damage and ageing both on and below the surface of your skin and includes a 3D detailed skin and facial mapping analysis using clinical imaging which works by taking six different photos of your skin. This allows the specialists to identify any spots, UV damage, wrinkles, problem pores, areas of sensitivity and an instant analysis of what skin type you are. You’ll be provided with a colour printout to help you understand the results better – in addition to specially tailored product recommendations and advice on your skincare regime to help maintain and protect your skin against further damage. There is also the opportunity to touch, feel, smell and learn about the products prescribed and tailor-made solutions for your specific lifestyle needs.


Power Booster Facials

If you’re short on time but want to achieve maximum results, the Elemis Power Booster Facials achieve this in just 30 minutes.

Highly skilled Elemis therapists perform power-booster facials in the world’s first intelligent massage chair, plus a wonderful hot stone neck and shoulder massage whilst your facial gets to work.

Available in Debenhams Bullring, the Elemis SpaPod Therapies have been designed to help you improve your health, enhance your beauty and find your personal lifestyle solutions. Whether you pop in for your lunchtime therapy or simply add it to your shopping list, total skin and body rejuvenation will help you change the way you look and re-energise the way you feel.


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Simply visit the Elemis counter at Debenhams, Bullring for your complimentary SkinLab analysis or book a treatment by calling 0121 622 8044

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