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If you haven’t heard, It Cosmetics will be launching exclusively in Selfridges on Monday 11th September and in honour of the launch, Selfridges Beauty Insider, Rose Gallagher has complied her top 5 favourite IT Cosmetics makeup brushes you need to try out. 

Alongside a range of easy to navigate luxury beauty products that give instant, real results, I am completely obsessed with their brushes. IT Cosmetics have created a range of brushes that literally take all of the hard work out of doing your make-up, making each morning ritual a quick and easy exercise.

Here’s a look at my top 5 picks from the collection and how they will transform your make-up…

Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush, £34.50

Without a doubt, this is the one brush from IT that you need to try before the others. A double ended wand, this takes all of the hard work out of applying your foundation. Use the small, fluffy end to buff your concealer in around the eyes without any lines or streaks. Next, use the fuller end to gently swirl the CC Cream into place. The fluffiness of the brush means that your base melts seamlessly into the skin with no patches.

Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder Brush, £35

To put it into perspective, the IT Cosmetics head office in New Jersey has ‘brush therapy’ stations dedicated to this brush. It is so alarmingly soft, they have a special destination where you can sit and stroke several heads in one fell swoop for an instantly calming impact. I’ve been there, it’s as crazy as it sounds, and it works. The Wand Ball Powder Brush is ideal for any kind of powder or bronzer that is going to touch the whole face. The large head makes it quick and easy to cover all bases very quickly, and the smoothness of the bristles means you’ll avoid leaving any harsh lines.

Heavenly Luxe French Boutique Blush Brush, £28

Angled brushes are an easy cheat to sculpted, killer cheekbones. Use this brush to achieve either a precise, contoured bronzing powder application, or to gently apply a flush to the apples of the cheeks. This is suitable for use either with cream or powder blushes.

Heavenly Luxe Buffing Foundation Brush, £34.50

If powder foundations are your thing, the Luxe Buffing Foundation Brush will be for you. The head of this brush is packed firmly but with soft bristles, meaning that you get all of the grip of a firm brush but with the same velvety-smooth application.

Heavenly Luxe Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush, £20

When it comes to applying concealer, anything applied too heavily can have an ageing impact and accentuate fine lines. This in mind, the Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush is a must have. First, use the flat end to apply your concealer carefully where needed. (If using in areas other than the eyes, the flat end will offer a fuller coverage for problem areas such as blemishes.) Then, for a softer, more diffused finish, take the fluffy end to buff your concealer seamlessly into the skin.

Words by Rose Gallagher

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