Rodizio Rico

The Cube

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Welcome to a truly unique dining experience at Rodizio Rico. With their extensive selection of grilled meat cooked over a charcoal grill passing from table to table, the Passadors will slice your choice from their skewers right into your plate.

You choose what you would like, including Leg of lamb, a variety of cuts of Beef, from Picanha (Cap of Rump steak), rump steak, ribs), Pork (ribs, leg of pork steak), Chicken (Legs, wings, hearts), homemade pork or chicken Sausages and many more!

No craving is too large at Rodizio Rico and their waiters will gladly continue to slice up our freshly grilled meats until you can eat no more. A pure carnivore’s delight – all you need is a hearty appetite!