Privacy Policy

Retail Birmingham would like to advise you about our approach to information privacy and update your information.

How we use and disclose your personal information

Retail Birmingham respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. Retail Birmingham collects the personal information we need to provide information services to you and your organisation. Your personal information may be shared among other affiliated partners, and you agree to us doing so, unless you tell us otherwise.

Retail Birmingham will continue to send you information and share your contact details with other affiliated partners. If you would prefer we do not use your information this way, please contact Retail Birmingham on 0121 616 2877 or

Your rights

You have a right to access all personal information that Retail Birmingham collects and holds about you and your organisation. If at any time your details change or you would like to access any personal information we have collected about you, or you would like further information on our approach to privacy, please tell us. (Note: Retail Birmingham does not sell its database to any third parties) Retail Birmingham considers the responsible use of personal information to be of vital importance. Retail Birmingham is committed to respecting your privacy.

In General, Retail Birmingham does not:

  • Collect personal information without explaining why it is being collected
  • Send direct mail or e-mail to anyone whose personal information is held on an Retail Birmingham database unless they have given us consent or have asked us to do so
  • Sell or give the name and contact details of anyone from any Retail Birmingham database to a third party unless the individual has given consent or asked to do so
  • Maintain unsecure databases or transfer personal information to an unsecure location
  • Use personal information for anything other than the purpose of collection
  • Send mail or e-mail to anyone from a Retail Birmingham database without providing a means to have their names removed from the database
  • Deny any individual access to their personal information held by Retail Birmingham
  • Assume that receipt of an individuals contact details is a provision of permission to direct market to them unless they have given Retail Birmingham explicit permission

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