Shop Must-Have Leather at M&S on High Street

Super-soft, sophisticated and elegant, leather is the best investment you’ll make this winter – you’ll find a stylish selection at Marks & Spencer on High Street this season.

Shop a wide range of premium quality leather pieces that will make you feel comfortable, confident and chic, even on the coldest of days. The innovation in the store’s premium stretch leather ensures shift dresses and leggings fit like a second skin, while zip-front pencil skirts and minis are the perfect wardrobe saviours offering endless styling options to get you from work to the weekend.


The Toscana shearling lambskin gilet offers a cosy and most luxurious way to brave the cold in style, while the bags and boots will become instant favourite go-tos. Don’t forget to keep your fingers toasty with a pair of beautifully-cut, elegant gloves.




It’s easy to keep your leather clothes in the best possible condition. Just follow these five simple rules:

• Hang your leather clothes on wide wooden, plastic or padded hangers to help maintain shape

• Don’t store in plastic bags or other non-porous covers. Use a cotton sheet or cover to allow it to breathe

• Keep in a dark, dry place. Sunlight can cause it to fade

• Avoid sheepskin getting wet. However, if it happens, dry at room temperature and avoid direct heat sources such as radiators

• To clean shearling use a clean, dry sponge. The suede side can be brushed gently to get rid of dirt

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