Selfridges Birmingham presents Destination Dinosaur Selfridges, Kids Level 1
30.05.2018 - 31.05.2018

Selfridges Birmingham are inviting you to a prehistoric party as Birmingham welcomes Dippy the Dinosaur to the city!

Learn all about the story of Dippy – the famous Diplodocus skeleton on tour from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Hosted in the Selfridges Dino Classroom in Kids on Level 1, you will be joined by Selfridges Dino Explorers who will play fun games, quizzes and tell amazing dinosaur stories with the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery team.

Mini explorers will be entertained and taken on a prehistoric journey, also being able to touch real fossils, including a T-rex claw, Velociraptor head and real dino poop!

Selfridges will be exclusively showcasing real fossils for two days only in partnership with the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, all children will be able to interact with the fossils and the team from the museum.

This fun family experience lasts 1 hour per session. One ticket per child to be booked. Parents and guardians must be present at all times.

All events and experiences are free and open to all.

Please arrive to Kids on 1 to register with the events team with your proof of booked ticket.

You can book your ticket here

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